CaaS – Beyond fancy headlines. Why to go for CaaS?

The CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is a vital executive role focused on developing long-term technology goals based on industry tech trends while working with other executives on the company’s direction (CEO, CFO, CIO, CMO etc). Briefly explained, CaaS is a high-profile service derived from a corporate specific role called CTO. 

As the technology lead of the company, the CTO is focused on the Future. This role requires a constant supervision of the existing and upcoming updates regarding technology – tools, techniques, trends. In other words, sets the digital direction and blends knowledge of existing and emerging technology to provide business the best solutions for the future. 

Although not every company needs a CTO, this role provides an alignment between the product strategy and the company’s technology strategy.

The newest trend in IT industry is the use of CTO as a Service

CTO-as-a-Service derives the value of CTO, while eluding the costs generated by a permanent CTO role in the company. CTO on demand, how nice is that?

The concept is still mainly unknown, but outsourced CTO services are gaining momentum,  especially in US. For startups and small-scale business that cannot afford the overhead that is usually associated with a permanent CTO, outsourced CTO services may be the right option, if not the best. In this digital era, no company can thrive without the right kind of online presence. Therefore, CaaS is mostly a necessity if not a requirement for most companies.

Focused on the CTO-as-a-Service approach, CTOtech delivers digitalization and digital transformation strategies for companies that want to enjoy all the benefits of a better online presence and market share.