CTO as a Service – Bloom your business genuinely with CTOtech

In today’s society, the digital pillar is core for any business. Digitalization must be a key focus for companies, either we speak about StartUps, mid-sized or large companies.

Traditionally, the task of technical leadership is owned by the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), who brings the technical expertise and builds the digital strategy of the company. But to find and sustain a CTO is difficult and also expensive. Nevertheless, the relevant need to carve direction and manage IT services across Business is present in any company.

CTO as a Service (CaaS), a brand new approach in the IT

As the technology journey is lead by the market needs and trends, a new service concept leverage the digital potential to get technology leadership through on-demand basis.

CTO as a Service (CaaS) is a brand new approach in the IT industry and business, focused on providing CTO services (on-demand strategic short, medium and long term IT advice) for companies lacking technical knowledge, decision-making capabilities and experience but having the Big Idea and incentive to launch it.

So what are the main benefits of this service?
1. access on-demand full CTO services flexibly or temporarily.
2. cost and time effective technology solutions.
3. strategic alignment of technology roadmap with the business vision.

CTOtech, a Romanian based startup with worldwide reach

This is why we created CTOtech, a Romanian startup based in Cluj-Napoca, meant to scale up digital innovation by delivering complete CTO-as-a-Service solutions on all types of web-based, desktop and mobile applications.

Therefore, please welcome CTO as a Service as the new tech leader solution for the digital strategy of your business!

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