Fasten your seat belt and go for CTO as a Service! (II)

Why can a CTO as a Service approach boost Startups and unlock key benefits for everyone involved in the business? In our previous article, we explained how to spot the moment when a CaaS can bring the highest returns, either if you are an early-stage startup, a startup planning to scale up, a mature startup or a well established company, with a constant growth. So what can you get when going for a CaaS?

Key benefits in favor of CTO-as-a-Service

Roadmap : define a clear roadmap and avoid expensive distractions

Process : build and optimize processes your teams can follow

Architecture : Ensure that your in-house or offshore team is using the best architecture and best development practices to build your product

Mentorship : Round out the skill set necessary to build, deploy and market a product, and run a company.

Team: If you have an existing team, it helps point it in the right direction. If you don’t, it helps you build or select a team that fits your needs.

Consulting : get a second opinion, validate your plans

Whether launching a new business or looking for ways to advance, it is always crucial to make the right decision at the right time. Referring to CTO as a Service will help you address technology-driven challenges duly and map out an effective strategy in line with your business objectives.

Most importantly, the CaaS model cuts your employment and overhead costs when compared to hiring a local and permanent CTO. It also relieves you of the tedious search and waiting for a professional if looking for someone in recruiting agencies.

Thus, we really believe that the CaaS model provides compelling flexibility in examining the CTO expertise prior to hiring, combining short-term and long-term engagement, and augmenting the team by the specialists recommended by the CTO. All these, in favor of a better cost benefits ratio, especially when talking about technological input.





[4] Photo credits: art130405