RPA solutions: a way to bypass crisis disruptions?

With the COVID-19 crisis affecting businesses all over the world, the need for automation and self managing solutions seem to be sky rocketing. Definitely, the benefits of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can be seen right away in any business facing disruption or having an important number of employees working from home, as the manual work can be easily minimized and can unlock valuable resources.

Nevertheless, human oversight is crucial to the success of any RPA solution. For example, the actions of an automated bot dealing with basic customer related questions is a direct consequence of the quality of the data set going in. Whether the client is processing a payment or needs to access sensitive data, there needs to be a reliable database to use and a human to take over when necessary. Human assistance is a must in any RPA solution, as according to Tom Leggett, "it only takes a firewall or a bad internet connection to cause a bot to fall over."

The main reason for adopting RPA is often to save costs by optimizing various processes as staff recruitment, payment, annual leaves,  on boarding, marketing etc. Mainly, RPA takes away tasks that don’t need knowledge or understanding and deal with similar solutions, by deploying a code and instructing software to carry on the task. There are hundreds of examples worldwide across all industries where the RPA solutions contributed to the optimization of processes and activities. RPA solutions find its usability in all fields, because the applicability is gaining its momentum.

We will point 3 such examples from Healthcare, Transportation and Food. But if you are interested in more industries where the RPA contribution is increasing, retail, banking, insurance and human resources are on the top of the list too.

1.   Healthcare

Health Fidelity is transforming risk adjustment in the healthcare industry by providing risk adjustment solutions for those organizations that participate in Medicare Advantage, Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid, and Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACO) programs.UiPath RPA has enabled Health Fidelity to grow its customer base without adding document extraction employees—while successfully extracting over 1.2 million records for its clients.


2.   Transportation

Global Forwarding, Freight (DGFF) needs to improve its finance and logistics processes across its five Global Service Centers (GSC).Its goal is to create a global process automation hub to remove internal process bottlenecks and position the entire organization to continue to provide top-notch service.Its solution is a classical Human Delivery Center structure complemented by a Virtual Delivery Center enabled by the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform. DGFF saw the full potential of the RPA technology and quickly set out to provide process automation as a new offering within its shared service centers, as well as, a service for the entire Division.To achieve this vision, DGFF first created a Center of Excellence (CoE) defining the standards for RPA based process automation of DGFF, a Virtual Delivery Center (VDC) providing the respective configuration and run services and a process automation lifecycle, which is called "Idea2Robot". All of these results added up where it mattered most: higher service quality at significant cost savings and an impressive ROI.


3.   Automotive  

DatoraSA (implementation partner) used UiPath to deliver an RPA solution to The Automobile Association of South Africa (AASA) that automates the dispatching of resources in their Emergency Call Centre Dispatch department.


With Deloitte finding that some RPA projects fail to deliver on time and EY stating that scaling failure rates are as quite high, RPA solutions can be the answer or can add complication too, depending on the structure of the company and its readiness to go for RPA or AI.

Judging on the recent evolution of the economy and on how customers’ behavior will change in the upcoming period, the eventual post crisis success of any company will rely on the capacity to adapt, do business as usual while functioning remote and absorb market shocks in a short period of time, all these while relying on RPA solutions.



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