Should you brush up your CTO skills for 2020?

As January means most of all a fresh start, you could kick-off by boosting your professional pathway. Whatever your goals are for 2020, learning new skills or expanding the existing ones will help you stand out for the next opportunity and, why not, take you closer to your role as a CTO.

CTO as a Service – a new approach in 2020

Trending Soft Skills

Topping this year’s list are creativity, collaboration, adaptability, persuasion, and emotional intelligence — all skills that demonstrate how we work with others and bring new ideas to the table.  Four of the five most in-demand soft skills remain in their top spots year over year, further reinforcing that these skills are evergreen—they’re likely to remain the top skills that companies want in star employees. The one variation in the most in-demand soft skills list indicates that companies are gravitating toward talent with interpersonal and people-oriented skills.

‘Time management’, a more task oriented skill, fell off the top soft skills list. ‘Emotional intelligence’ took its place. While task-oriented skills remain critical to our success at work, the data shows that employers value our ability to work well with colleagues.

Trending Hard Skills

There are also the hard skills, which also have been ranked according their trending in 2020. So, the list looks like this:
1. Blockchain
2. Cloud Computing
3. Analytical reasoning
4. Artificial Intelligence
5. UX Design
6. Business Analysis
7. Affiliate Marketing
8. Sales
9. Scientific Computing
10. Video production

Blockchain – paving the way towards digitalization

Many of these skills will continue to evolve rapidly. For example, for the first time this year, blockchain not only made the list of top skills, but topped it—highlighting an increasing awareness and demand for the wider applications of this skill. Trending data also reveals that data-driven decision-making skills like business analysis (#6), are essential in today’s workforce. As companies continue to collect and analyze more data than ever before, they need people who can help interpret and take action on that data to drive growth for their business.

Good news is that many of these skills can be acquired through the free courses delivered by different professional platforms. For example, LinkedIn offers many courses until the end of January, by simply subscribing to LinkedIn Learning platform.

So why not starting today?


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