The Partnership with BAJ Accelerator New York – A New Way to Empower Romanian Startups #BAJStories1

Lately, a new chapter has begun for us and we are beyond thrilled about its future impact for the Romanian startups that will benefit from it. Hooray!!!

Let’s keep it short: we partnered with BAJ Accelerator New York, USA. What does BAJ do? BAJ helps businesses growth and expansion on the US market. They basically give all the needed tools in order for the companies to evolve. This includes influential networking opportunities, targeted couching, mentoring, real-time customer interviews, collaboration sessions, training, pitching and, of course, funds for investing. Topics vary across sectors including technology, legal, finance, banking, investment & consulting, to dynamic deal makers and active investors.

What is our role?

Well, we are searching for Romanian startups that are suitable for to join the BAJ Accelerator program. BAJ organizes 3 cohorts during the year, in January, in May and in September.

The first 2 Romanian startups that could expand in the United States

But let’s talk about the first 2 Romanian companies that were included in the first cohort of this year: CryptoDATA Tech and PaidAnalytix. Our colleague, Flavian-Catalin Pah, was an advisor for the January cohort and he was part of the selection process. He will also be part of the BAJ Accelerator team for all the future cohorts. Until the next cohort, let’s give praise for our two businesses that made it through the program!

CryptoDATA is a company which provides IT solutions in cyber-security, developed using blockchain technology and A.I. systems. They offer to their worldwide users security based on decentralization.

PaidAnalytix is a software venture with the mission to help companies better control their payments processes.

They both now have access to the US market and they are growing by the time we are speaking. We are very happy for them!This opportunity is open for the IT startups that are on the Romanian market and we can not wait to tell you more about it! Soon, on the #BAJStories2.

Stay close!
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