Website development for CEE Digital Services Association

As you may already know, some of our projects are related to website development and optimization. We can build them from scratch or we can provide personalized solutions for existing websites in order to be more user-friendly and efficient. Today, we want to present you our latest project: the brand new website for CEE Digital Services Association. You can check it right here:

CEE Digital Services Association was created in spring 2020 to fill a need to connect CEE-based tech talent to global corporate buyers. The Warsaw based association introduces CEE-based companies to international partners and strategic investors  via various activities, websites & newsletters, online events, physical events and social media. The association has developed a relevant experience in Poland and CEE over the last 25 years while covering business in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.

In order to enhance their online visibility, we partnered to create the perfect website for their vision. The freshly released website was built using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Bootstrap for the Front End and PHP for the Back End. Also, we used MySQL for its database.

The website was designed to include a user-friendly admin page, thanks to which the admin can change up to 90% of the relevant information. The website includes several forms, like newsletter subscription and ticket reservation form, with PayPal payment. The multitude of pages include features allowing for past video recordings of some events, news page, agendas and others (you need to check them out!). Also, the website is responsive, meaning it is optimized for mobiles and tablets as well.

Feel free to ask us anything about this project!